Monday, November 9, 2009

Auto-generated documentation for MQL5 code

I submitted this blog entry to Metaquotes when I wrote it, and I'm pleased to announce that they have now published it on the site.
The article includes a very useful MQL5 source code help file which I intend to update from time to time when new code is released.

Here's the introduction:

Most Java coders will be familiar with the auto-generated documentation that can be created with JavaDocs. The idea is to add comments into the code in a semi-structured way that can then be extracted into an easy to navigate help file.

The C++ world also has a number of documentation auto-generators, with Microsoft's SandCastle and Doxygen being two leaders. I decided to see how well Doxygen could document MQL5, which is in essence a customised subset of C++. To me this is an important step in the maturity of MQL5, because the complexity of the language is easily capable of fostering some quite large class libraries.

The experiment worked very well and I believe the help documentation that Doxygen produces from MQL5 code will add a great deal of value.


  1. I was testing doxygen, but I am not able to generate any documentation from MQL4 or MQL5 files Doxygen is generating empty documentation with list of processed files, but without any API only with links to source.
    Do you know if it is still possible to use doxygen for MQL code documentation?

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