Saturday, January 16, 2010

VOM update

Well, it turned out to be a bit ambitious to put the VOM V0.2 out there for people to have a look at.  I've had hassles with MT5 build 238, which continually crashed (blew up, atomic bomb style - aka U238?).  That's now fixed I think with build 239.  Also I'm having to look very closely at resource locking, because multiple VOMs are becoming tangled when ticks arrive rapidly.  I could have sworn that I tested all of that before, and maybe I did and the new builds are behaving differently. 

Instead of trying to do something with real EA strategies, I've written a really simple EA that I call "Random_loser" to test the locking process.  5% of the time it buys; 5% it sells, and the rest it does nothing!  Interesting to watch two of them trading together.

Anyhow, with the market closed and no strategy tester yet, I'll be waiting until next week to take another look, which is probably a good thing.


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