Monday, March 15, 2010

Forward tests suspended for a short time

I run all my MetaTrader accounts (MT4 & MT5 demo and MT4 live) on a Commercial Network Services  virtual desktop (see original post here). Although there have been a couple of negative comments on this blog about CNS, it's been completely trouble-free for me.

CNS has been promoting a move to Hyper-V for some time, so I decided to do it. Hyper-V is apparently even more reliable than Virtuozzo, which is what I was running on before. I received an email this morning that the change had occurred, but I didn't have much time before going to work so have only set up my live account at this stage. It only took me about 20 minutes, and it's running fine - I'll write another blog soon on my impressions of Hyper-V and the general experience of remote desktop working. 

Other than being a customer I have no connection whatsoever with CNS.

[ update 18/3 ]
Just waiting for another MT5 build to come out before I can start the forward tests again.  The last two builds broke my VOM code but as usual MetaQuotes have been very responsive in fixing it.

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