Thursday, March 11, 2010

A real "hedge" situation with two different timeframe MQL5 EAs using the Virtual Order Manager

I started up the FrAMA Cross EA VOM forward test at least a couple of weeks ago during a massive EURUSD downtrend, and the first cross event occurred yesterday with a long trade which has already reversed this morning to a short after pulling in 111 pips. So it's finally in the market. I am reassured to see a profitable trade first off, but remember that this is such a slow trader that even though the backtest is excellent it is not at all certain that it will be profitable long term.

It's good to see an example of a real "hedge" scenario happening here with the two different timeframe EAs. The Support Resistance EA entered a EURUSD long last week against support in the 1.3450 area (which is off the bottom of the chart screenshot shown below), and the FrAMA Cross EA is now EURUSD short. The result is no open position at the broker, with the VOMs maintaining the opposing long and short trades respectively.

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