Thursday, June 14, 2012

Regularly emailing the status of an account

Prompted by a query, I thought I'd post a useful little utility that I have used for ages which emails the status of the account every hour.  After lengthy deliberation I decided to call it .... EmailStatus.  With only a small modification it could be used to log the status to a file, and the time interval could be changed also.

Treat it as an indicator, and store it accordingly.  The indicator approach to running scripts is useful because they are reloaded when the terminal is restarted, whereas scripts are not.

Here's a view of what comes in the email
Balance       9999
Equity        9999
Margin         999
Free margin   9999
Open profit     99
Open orders
Open time local Type Lots Symbol  Price   S/L    T/P    Now Profit Comment
 1 Dec 21:49:04 Sell 0.10 EURUSD 1.3098 1.3401 0.0000 1.3121   -26 xxxxx
Pending orders
Open time local      Type Lots Symbol  Price   S/L    T/P    Now  Comment